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ActivCharcoal 60 Serve

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ActivCharcoal - 60 Serves

In a nutshell, its a toxin magnet. You can drink it, brush your teeth with it and even detox your skin with it, and yes.. all with the same product! We use coconut shell activated charcoal and the best quality green tea extract money can buy. It's completely natural, completely vegan, and completely awesome!

Ingredients: Coconut shell steam activated charcoal & green tea extract containing 98% polyphenols, 50% catechins and 50% EGCG.

Contains: 60 x 2.4g Sachets packed in a magnetic box. 144g Powder

DETOX - 2 Sachets a day (with or after food) for 1 month, dilute with a drink or food. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated during your detox. 

TEETH WHITENING - Brush with a wet toothbrush in small gentle circles (no need to brush hard!) for 2-3 minutes, then rinse.

SKIN CARE - Draw out dirt, oils, toxins, and even makeup from your skin using ActivCharcoal. Mix with water until you get a paste or check out our how to use section for more recipes.

Check out the 'How to use' section on our website for more info.